5 Safety Tips For Safe Woodworking

Woodworking can be a dangerous hobby. It’s very important to make sure you’re safe before you start doing what you enjoy. To help you with that we made you this list with 10 tips for safe woodworking.


1.Warning Signs

Sometimes they are very underrated, but they can help to keep you and your friends safe. Every machine should have a warning sign. If there isn’t any, please contact the manufacturer to receive the latest safety information. You can also make warning sign by yourself. If you like to do that, please consult the safety information of your piece of machinery.


2.Control The Access To Your Woodwork Shop

Make sure that children and unauthorized people have no access to your woodwork shop. Accidents are more likely to happen to people who are least trained with those pieces of equipment. Lock the door to your woodwork shop, whenever you leave it unattended.


3. Avoid Distractions

Again, you are dealing with heavy pieces of machinery. Make sure that nobody can distract you. Sometimes it’s nice to have a conversation with friends who enjoy the same passion as you, but we recommend to avoid that so you can keep focused on what you are doing. Leave the conversations for the less dangerous tasks like painting etc.


4. Always Wear Protective Equipment

This is probably one of the most important points on this list. Never work without a safety gear or face shield and never forget to wear gloves and shoes. Wood is a very underrated material. Not only in strength but also when we talk about safety hazards. Invest in a safety guard to make sure that no wood splitters are flying towards you and keep your hair short. If you have long hair you should at least wear it tied up.


5. Always Make Sure You Are Feeling Alright

Never work on your projects if your on the influence of alcohol, drugs or on medications which are known to decrease your ability of concentration. You are not able to focus 100% if you’re not feeling good. A bad day may ruin your time schedule, but it’s still not worth to risk your health or even your life. Please take care of yourself and avoid any safety hazards!